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where 23 awesome people met. ♥
JH201 '10. Something you have never seen before.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011 @ 9:23 PM

okay since everyone is complaining talking about how dead our class blog is, thought i'd just post something.

its the last week of Term One 2011!
many things to do this week.

WEDNESDAY aka tomorrow
getting back chem test
physics wksht due

THURSDAY aka the day after tomorrow
draft for IH essay (optional)
math graded assignment due
LA vocab test


oh, and we got out math groupings for the graded project already. :) check the JH3 notice board.

kay have fun during the holidays!

(maybe class outing? ^-^)

p.s. idk if i got all the work right. i have stml :< )


Class list! ♥
Friday, January 7, 2011 @ 12:29 PM

Class list is out! :)
Please go to km > student centre > announcements!~

So JH303 is JH201 & JH303 only has 16 people excluding the scholars.
So few people... Anyway, for those who are going to other classes,
Madeline, Carissa, Wenyu, Hui Lin, Richard (that is all right?)


Although some of jh201-ers will be leaving us, they'll still be forever a 01-er~
Hope that friends don't forget each other.

Haha bye bye! School is starting soon!


PHYSICS (answers are on KM)
CHINESE compre
CHINESE holidays assignment
CHINESE ws (there's 3)
MATHS x'mas package
LA project.
-holiday reading project
-renaissance project

I think that's all. ;) bye.

Saturday, January 1, 2011 @ 4:50 AM

Happy 2011. 

JH201 will never end.

Thursday, November 18, 2010 @ 4:49 PM

Friday, November 19th, 2010
OvernightTemperature: 25°C
A mix of clear and cloudy skies with showers likely. Chance of a thunderstorm. 2 to 4 mm of rain.
Friday MorningTemperature: 29°C
A mix of cloud and sun with showers. Chance of a thunderstorm. 7 to 14 mm of rain.
Friday AfternoonTemperature: 32°C
A mix of cloud and sun with a few showers. Chance of a thunderstorm. 3 to 7 mm of rain.
Friday EveningTemperature: 29°C
A mix of cloudy and clear skies with showers likely. Chance of a thunderstorm. 3 to 7 mm of rain.

Hey (:
I found this online.
Cause class outing tmr @ WWW?
Your MIGHT have to reconsider?
I don't know whether the report's accurate though.

Carissa (:

19th Nov Class Outing!
Monday, November 15, 2010 @ 9:39 AM

Heyy 01,

This is the tentative plan on that day :)

10.45 am -- Meet @ Pasir Ris MRT Stn
11.15 am -- Reach Downtown East, Ehub
11.30 am -- Start of Movie (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1)
2.00 pm -- Movie Ends, Lunch time!
2.30 pm -- Wild Wild Wet/ Kbox
5.30 pm -- Home Sweet Home :)

kexuan :)

19th Nov Class Outing! (attendance)
@ 9:37 AM

People going

Yun Xi
Xin Ru
Yu En
Ke Xuan
Ling Yan
Yu Xuan
Jing Fu
Wei Jin

People not going
Hui Lin
Hui Ning
Jia Sheng
Kang Ming

Any changes, please inform me ASAP!
Thanks a lot! :)

kexuan :)

they can't beat us.
Thursday, November 4, 2010 @ 11:15 PM

Hello JH201! :)
this is lingyan hahahaha.

today's the last day of school...
so first things first,
let's congratulate everyone for completing their sec2 year. :D

2 years have passed!
time really flies...
the only thing we can do now is to look back & think of the good memories we had together.
:) & the bad ones too hee.

Also, congratulations to Richard who removed his cast todayyy! :)
HAHA finally he is normal.
Wait he's never normal. oh well.

Sooo... everyone knows that next year JH301 won't be made of the same people.
& that's already a fact, so there's nothing we can complain about now. :)
Just wish the people who's leaving us, a great journey to their sec 3 life.
To the LA people, IH people person, express chinese etc etc...
Hope that you all will enjoy life in your new classes! :D
make new friends!
but we still have to keep in contact though...

Oh yeah, & this is a must-do kayy.
Whenever we see each other next year along the corridor, or even in the toilet LOL,
we must say "HI!" okay?
zzZ i know that feeling of hesitating whether to say hi cause it's kinduv awkward.
Haha no it's not awkward at all!
We were a class! ;)

Looking back, our class had quite a handful of problems yeah...
the immature guys who did not cooperate with the class...
they've changed! A LOT :) (still immature but...)

the split of cliques. 
and the fails in class bonding. 

Friendship problems between girls...
Hatred... backstabbing & stuff like that.
Childish right? Hee.
it happens to everyone...

& our first ever class meeting held not that long ago!
where loads of people cried... :'(
but we talked things out yeah.

oh ya oh ya & all the mass cleanings! every friday/mon! ;)
when we got our first F, to the consistent As.
we're improving.

& the failed and successful class outings!
the first one where almost everyone went! :)
& the one where only 6 or 7 people went...

like what we learnt in LA,
changes are inevitable, so we can only move on!
don't be too affected that we're gonna split class!
cause JH201 '10 will never end!

you might have been pissed with each other.
you might have been angry for all the rumors that were created.
you might have been just disappointed when our class couldn't get 1st etc.
but just remember all of them as part of the memories you had with 01!

in our hearts, we know that we're always #1!

I just wanna thank Mr Sim for giving in to us when we were just so immature.
& KE XUAN! ;)
thanks for all the things you've done for us.
Thank you everyone for being a part of JH201 '10!

p/s. just if you're wondering, this blog will never be closed!
even if it's dead, it'll still be here. :) forever!
p/p/s. & sorry ke xuan for pushing your blog post down. & the long post.

JH201 -- Marchin' On
@ 10:26 PM

For those days we felt like a mistake,
Those times when love's what you hate
We keep marchin on

For those nights that I couldn't be there,
I've made it harder to know that you know
That somehow
We'll keep movin on

There's so many wars we fought
There's so many things we're not
But with what we have
I promise you that
We're marchin on
We're marchin on

For all of the plans we've made
There isn't a flag I'd wave
Don't care where we've been
I'd sink us to swim
We're marchin on
We're marchin on

For those doubts that swirl all around us
For those lives that tear at the seams
We know
We're not what we've seen

For this dance we move with each other
There ain't no other step
Than one foot
Right in front of the other

There's so many wars we fought
There's so many things we're not
But with what we have
I promise you that
We're marchin on
We're marchin on
For all of the plans we've made
There isn't a flag I'd wave
Don't care where we've been
I'd sink us to swim
We're marchin on
We're marchin on
Right Right Right Right Left
Right Right Right Right Left
Right Right Right Marchin On

We'll have the days we break
And we'll have the scars to prove it
We'll have the bombs that we saved
And we'll have the heart
Not to lose it

For all of the times we fought
For all of the things I'm not
You put one foot in front of the other
We move like we ain't got no other
We go where we go we're marchin on
Marchin on

There's so many wars we fought
There's so many things we're not
But with what we have
I promise you that
We're marchin on
We're marchin on

Right Right Right Right Left
Right Right Right Right Left
Marchin On
Marchin On



CIP!! :)
Monday, November 1, 2010 @ 9:26 PM


Things to bring:
Card games
(e.g. old maid, donkey)

Board games
(Chinese chess, reversi, snakes and ladders, checkers)

- I'm Yours
- 朋友(周华健)
- 月亮代表我的心(邓丽君)
- 童话 (光良)
- 屋顶(周杰伦,温岚)

(Pls message me ASAP if you have one!)

It will lasts for 3hrs plus.
So, it should end @ about 5pm! :)
That's all!


kexuan :)

Our EXCITING Class Outing!!! :)
Saturday, October 30, 2010 @ 12:49 PM

Heyy peeps!
These are some of the details for our 2 awesome class outings:

19th Nov: Wild Wild Wet!
- Bring @ least $20
-11am - 4pm

23rd Dec: BBQ @ Carissa's Condo (Directly outside Lor Chuan MRT Station)
- Catering food (The food list will be up soon!)
- Games and MORE GAMES! :)
- Should be around $5 each person (this will be confirmed after food is catered)
- 4pm-8pm

That's all! More details will be put up when we are closer to the date!! :)

kexuan :)

random thought(?)
Monday, October 18, 2010 @ 9:56 PM

so...hows everyone's grades? im sure everyone improved if not just try harder nxt time :)
anw im just posting this randomly as per what cheryl said..pretty random. lols
ohya btw what happened to our class outing? sth abt bbq/wild wild wet? (hee, i forgot :P)
yepp so tts all i can think of to mention..as for now.


Friday, September 24, 2010 @ 9:40 AM

its 90% confirmed we're changing classes next year.

we should spend more time together, do things together, have more class outings, etc.

PLEASE keep this blog alive even after we split, kay?
[ahem, all blog owners. Carissa HuiLin YuEn Wenyu Madeline HuiNing YuXuan LingYan]
and we should have yearly/ termly/ semesterly class outings.
as often as possible.

and, we should have more class things.
like more class tees, class jackets, class socks, class pencilcases, etc.

its kinda sad.
we've spent 2 years together.
going through so many ups and downs as a class.

maybe we should appeal to the school.
ask them not to change our class.
we should get the whole level to sign a petition.

please work hard.
for all the projects and tests we're having nowadays.
just jiayou till week 5 kay!
a few more weeks, and we'll be done with all our Assessments.
then we can go party and have 256 class outings in the holidays.



p.s.// i'm just rambling.


Friday, September 17, 2010 @ 4:10 PM


so anyway.
this blog is dying again.

this means that we've spent approximately 1 and 3-quarter years together!

do well for this term and we shall top the cohort! :D
try lah, okay? :)

we should have a class outing soon. like maybe during the December Holidays?
cos next year we might not be together! D<



Wednesday, September 1, 2010 @ 12:03 AM


ahaha do you all want a class outing for the sep holidays?

we can go overseas!
:P & uhhhhhh we can go work & save money for the suju concert in january. 


Thursday, August 12, 2010 @ 9:20 PM

Get your own Poll!


Friday, August 6, 2010 @ 4:59 PM

it's lingyan's bdae today!
i guess she's on the plane to thai now

ok, ndc is over...
so we have 4 days of hols
to mug:DD
kk this week's hw is
1)the la speech, although it's sort of due on thur:)
2)uhm, math hw set 1, due on 11th Aug
3)revise for the freakin thinking test on next fri (seems like a bit early, but time flies, before u noe it, the hols would have passed. of course, there are some exceptions, like dear alden:P haha jkjk)
4)research on the IH ws ms lim gave us
5)pls rmb to revise for the source-based analysis
6)read the 7 LA speeches and do the ws miss wang gave us

yupp, i think tts all:)
see ya on wed ppl!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010 @ 4:31 PM

ImageChef Word Mosaic - ImageChef.com

Thursday, July 1, 2010 @ 7:56 PM

HI 01, i will be collecting class funds soon. It's for this month of July. GOOD news for u but BAD news for the class is that, YOU DUN have to PAY class FUNDS for LAST MONTH!!! D; that's the only month since this year that we won't pay...

BTW, shall we create another class cheer or song?


Class Outing Photos :)
Tuesday, June 22, 2010 @ 10:51 PM

Heyy o1!
As requested, these are the photos!!
Not much though, cause my phone was running out of batt that day.
But still... ENJOY :)

Before ending off, a gentle reminder, PLS FINISH ALL HOMEWORK BEFORE STEPPING INTO SCHOOL! LOL:) I know its tough but WE CAN DO IT!!




@ 11:02 AM

Junior High 2 marks checking schedule 

We will be checking the marks of your various modules on 28 June (Monday).
I think we need to bring all our subject files with our previous marks, where available, for efficient checking.
You can download the document from KM.

Enjoy ur last week of holidays D;


Sunday, June 13, 2010 @ 2:24 PM

Heyy o1!!

For attire, I would suggest that the girls try not to wear white cause in case of rain or anything. Yup. Sorry if I sound a bit naggy and old fashion... Then for guys of course anything will do. Oh ya! And not too revealing please, thank you. HAHA :)

kexuan :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 @ 9:33 PM

Hey (:
Just FYI, people.
I know no one really checks KM.
Miss Wang posted on KM to  buy Animal Farm from the school bookshop
But the bookshop isn't open, so I don't know.

Miss Wang says to read Animal Farm during hols.
Can borrow from library or whatsoever.
If you want to buy, any version is fine as long as it's NOT the picture book version for kids (:


Tuesday, June 8, 2010 @ 10:12 PM

Heyy o1!
The food will be catered so don't worry about it :)
Are you guys excited?? (haha, I am!!)

ke xuan:)

Class Outing!! :)
Sunday, June 6, 2010 @ 11:29 AM

Date: 17th June 2010
Time: 2pm SHARP
Place: East Coast Park!!

2pm: Meet @ Eunos MRT Station
2pm-2.30pm: Travel to East Coast Park
2.30pm-4.30pm: Cycling!!
4.30pm-5pm: Playing GAMES :)
5pm-8pm: YAY!! BBQ TIME!!

Food List:
*Fried Bee Hoon
*Fried Rice
*Curry Vegetables
Chicken Wing
Chicken Satay
Green Tea

People Going:
Xin Ru
Yu En
Ke Xuan
Ling Yan
Hui Lin
Hui Ning
Yu Xuan
Jing Fu
Jia Sheng
Kang Ming
Mr Sim

Things to bring:
$6 for Cycling
$7.50 for BBQ food
Extra Set of Clothes
Water Bottle


Tuesday, June 1, 2010 @ 8:34 PM

Hey 201 (:
Okay so the blog is dead once again.
Okay uhm since I never post before (I think?) shall post homework here.
Actually it's cause now I have a huge block in my head and I can't write :P

KL was fun, yeah?
Except the hotel bathroom were creepy.
Why are the mirrors so big and loong?

Homework not a lot this June! (:
But if you wanna look on the negative side,
we had absolutely no homework for June last year.
okay so uhm.
- Chinese textbook the comprehension stuff at the back (p.106 - p.115)
- Chinese exercise books ( 阅读阅理解everything until 11 / 综合填空 everything until 9)
- 习字
- Maths revision worksheet (the yellow colour one)
- Read up on differences, similarities, history, etc. of SEA for the stupid essay we have to write on the spot when we go back to school)
- IH project ( the communism and military dictation thingy)
- GS (research on some road thing: history, now, story)

Uhm yup. If I'm not long that should be all.
A lot of chinese this hols :(
And would he actually check the work... ?

Term 3 must wake up early on Mondays :(
Warning: the water will be very cold.

Yeah okay so hope everyone loves their hols now!
And the class outing details quickly settled soon.
Byeeeee (:

- Carissa

@ 6:15 PM

HI! are u guys looking forward to next term P.E. lessons?
You may wanna bring your snorkels and flippers too :D
Anyway, can some kind soul help post all the holiday hw?


Saturday, May 22, 2010 @ 7:15 PM

we 're going to KL next mon
we're going to KL next mon
guys, aren't u excited?
cuz i am

oh and i've printed out 5 COPIES of lyrics for our ktv on the bus!
not sure if u all would want to sing or if the songs are ok
it's just some form of entertainment on the long bus trip
here's the song list:
SUPER GIRL (by Super Junior)
Don't stop the music (by Rihanna)
I'm Yours (by Jason Mraz)
Check Yes Juliet (by We The Kings)
Innocence (by Avril Lavigne)
我爱他 (by 叮当)
今天你要嫁给我(by Jolin Tsai and David Tao)
Because Of You (by Kelly Clarkson)
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (by Green Day)
Top Of The World (by Carpenters)

seems little but the song sheet is very thick
yupp, i think it would last us for at least 45 min
for me, uhm maybe at least 2 hrs?
cuz i'll keep singing it over and over again!

uhm yahh, so
rmb to bring ur passports
ipods and hps to listen for the long bus trip (i think this one very impt, cuz i'll be singing)
the IH booklet they just gave us
ur ringgit (ah this one also very impt)
kk tts all i guess, see u guys on Mon!!!


@ 1:21 AM

First things first!


Haha, although it's past 12am.

Next, science test!
Those who they think they did badly, just work harder next time!
& do not throw any your notes although it's the last science test of the term.
We might need it sometime.


Do the sheep cheer! :)

meh meh bah bah bah.
meh meh bah bah bah.
meh meh bah bah bah.



Someone post another post about this?
I don't know much.

Then, class tee! :)
We might most likely get it after the malaysia trip.
So don't ask/pressurize Ke Xuan anymore cause she's our lovely class chairperson,
not the wife of the t-shirt manufacturer (?)
Okay so yeah, be patient :)

Uhh... Malaysia trip.
I lost my list of things to bring so can someone post?

Thank you all.
bye bye.

-lingyan the awesome rock

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 @ 7:01 PM


a few things to bring forward today.

Class Outing.
Date: 17th June!
Timing not confirmed yet (i think)
Place: Iluma
What we doing: idk. Movie?
PLEASE GO PEOPLE. support the class kay?
(any queries please call our class chairman)

Class Cleanliness.
Last Week (the week where we worked bloody hard), we got an A for our class cleanliness!
after 2-3 Failures... an A.
Good job people.
keep up the gooood work ;)

Math test results.
Math test results are out!
some of us might not be happy with our scores. 
but just work hard kayy?
the paper was tough anyway.
we MUST get some top-in-cohort people next time kay?
CONGRATS to our top 3 scorers.
Pearlyn, Wenyu, Jia Sheng!

English Comprehension.
so... we also got this back.
not very good scores, again.
BUT the paper was tough.
CONGRATS to HuiLin for getting top in class again!

English Recital.
Good job people. :)
if you haven't done it yet... goodluck!
if you've finished it... WELLDONE!

Thinking test.

Science Consolidation test


Back designs for class tee
Thursday, May 6, 2010 @ 5:48 PM

Heyy 01!
These are some of the possible back designs for our class tee.
Please choose the one that you like best!
Also open to suggestions:)

Ke Xuan

Back designs for class tee
@ 5:45 PM

Saturday, May 1, 2010 @ 12:35 AM

Heyy 01!
Good job everyone, everything was made possible not only because of the actors but every single one in class.
From make-ups, to props, to stage directing, costumes, sound, etc etc.
Despite all the problems that cropped up, we manage to overcome them and blah blah blah...
Anyway, it's the CLASS EFFORT that's put in and WE MADE IT! YAY!
So, keep up the good work and lets strive for the better!

2) CIP!
According to the lecture, from Carissa and Pearlyn,
We would have to choose between 2 things to do:
- Food Drive
- Food Distribution

3)Class Room Duty Roster
We will be rearranging the duty roster.
It will be according to the groups that you guys are seated now.
We will be drawing lots to see which group takes which day:)
It is COMPULSORY for everyone to stay back for abt 5-10 min aft sch on their duty day to clean up the class.
-Cleaning of whiteboards
-Sweeping of floor
-Clearing rubbish in the bin
-*Wiping of tables, lockers, window.

4)Class Tee!
These are some of the designs, open to suggestions:)

Most of these things will be discussed again on Wednesday during Contact.
So, have a nice holiday and rest well!

Ke Xuan :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010 @ 7:41 PM

Tmr shall be the day, the day that someone will from then on, be officially responsible for our class. KE XUAN!!!

Btw, our classroom has been cleaned. Thx to those who stayed back after sch today (till 4pm plus) just to scrub the walls and windows, sweep the floor, clean the whiteboard and tables, clear the junks in our class room and so on...

Mr Sim was there too :D

(you will be more than just surprised to know who were the ones who stayed back) HAHA
so for the hard work that had been done, I hope that everyone will help maintain the classroom's cleaniness


Wednesday, April 28, 2010 @ 9:06 PM

Heyy 01!
This is regarding how to go to UCC for Aristal on 5th May.
We should be meeting in sch (if u guys wanna go as a class:)).
Then, cross overhead bridge to take bus 151.
More info:


Class tee! Voting time!
Tuesday, April 27, 2010 @ 11:47 PM

This is the devil designed by Wenyu's brother! CLAP!!
It can either be at the front, corner(#1)
Or back(#2).
So please vote peeps: #1 or #2

This will be the back for #1

This will be the front for #2
(below) the side design...


Friday, April 16, 2010 @ 9:37 PM


Beware of falling rocks.


Okies, never mind.
This post is to dedicate to the science test which we got back today.
Everyone in JH201 passed the test, which is supposedly good.
Kang Ming, who scored the highest in our class, scored 26 out of 28!
WOOHOO congrats.
& also 2nd in the whole cohort.

Oh yeah & for the actors in our class play, have you all decided the day to rehearse?

HW for the weekend

1) IH reflection (1000 words)
2) LA journal entry (start earlier!)
3) Memorize recitation piece
4) 补充 Chinese 笔记本

I think that's all?

& rmb to photocopy passport for the IH field trip thing.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010 @ 2:53 PM

Good news number 1:
We're staging our play again.

Good news number 2:
Hui Lin was elected as a Councillor.

Good news number 3:
Our class is the best out of all for the bio test.

Good news number 4:
JH201 is simply awesome.

Good news number 5:
Key is cute. KYYYYAAAAAA!

Good news number 6:
Fahrenheit's album is coming out in June.

Good news number 7:
Pearlyn looks like a hammie.

Good news number 8:
We should start decorating our classroom.

Good news number 9:
Obama rocks!

Good news number 10:
Richard's birthday is coming.

Thursday, April 8, 2010 @ 6:38 PM

Up till now, we still dunno wat the 2nd good news Cheryl wanted to say. But nvm, I have a good and bad news for everyone.
Good News: Our class 'sitting down to stand up' was the only play selected among the 6 classes for some arts event. WELL DONE!
Bad News: We have to perform again soon. (to the whole school i think)

01 rocks!


c.heryl} dramaaaa
Saturday, March 27, 2010 @ 11:13 PM


Cheryl here.
2 good news and 4 bad ones.

so which one first?
lets start with Good News.

1. Yesterday's drama "SPOTLIGHT" was awesomeeee.
well done everyone.

(i'll start with the people the scenes first)
Director: Miss Stefanie
A. Director: KangMing
Stage Manager: Yu En
A. Stage Manager: Pearlyn
Set Designer: YunXi
Costume Designer: Madeline
Make-Up Artist: LingYan
Lights: Carissa & Yu En
Sound: Cheryl
Front-Of-House: Shawn & Carissa

Chris: WeiJin
AhGong: Richard
Teacher: HuiLin
Bad Kids: Alden, YuXuan, KeXuan, JingFu, JiaSheng
Good Kids: XinRu, HuiNing, WenYu, Trisha, Anushka

like what XinRu said, people LOVED "sitting down to stand up".

2. (wait stml, whats the second good news?) 

Bad News

1. we have to choose our subjects soon. >:(
either Science (Physics), Science (Biology), Language Arts (Literature) or Humanities (History and Geography).
better study hard so each of ya guys can get the subject combination you want!

2. we might be split into different classes soon. >:( this sucks. 201 ftw!

3. we changed Bio teachers. from Mrs Ten to Miss Chan. (in which no one seems to like a lot)

4. Bio test coming soon! 

201 ftw!


Saturday, March 20, 2010 @ 5:41 PM

JIAYOU for the drama production thing. :)

& Science test. 

& LA test. 

blahblah I don't know what to say but this blog is like dying?

Something to entertain you people.

Oh yeah.
Class tee?

Friday, March 5, 2010 @ 10:23 AM

Class tee
Wednesday, March 3, 2010 @ 9:54 PM

Monday, March 1, 2010 @ 9:58 AM


Class tee
Saturday, February 27, 2010 @ 10:51 PM

Class tee
@ 3:59 PM

Class-Tee design
Friday, February 26, 2010 @ 11:44 PM

Heyy ppl!

These designs are only for reference, very extremely open to suggestions:)
YAY! Hope that we are going to have a class-tee soon!
Credits: http://www.spreadshirt.com/create-your-own-t-shirt-C59

Ke Xuan:)

Class-tee design2
@ 11:40 PM

Class-tee design1
@ 11:38 PM

@ 7:22 PM

Hello 01ers.

Today was the ROADRUN! :)
Congrats to all the boys who got a prize!
(Except Alden cause he has a sprained ankle.)
Poor thing! YUCK.
(that explains why it's in orange)

Slowly things are starting to change right? :)
So we must work harder & cooperate with Hui Lin HAHAHA. :D
(Crap crap crap I can't possibly say that it's good enough if not i'll get boxed)

There are loads of things to be settled in the class!
-Class tee
-Class deco
-Class outing


& the guys, please be serious if you all want it pink. -'-


Alden doesn't hate richard afterall :)
See how close they are?

C.HERYL } wednesday, Leadership, Duties
Saturday, February 20, 2010 @ 6:01 PM

hello 201!

CHERYL heree.

anyway, please DO NOT worry about what happened on Wednesday.
MrSham assured we would be fine, yeah?
& it wasn't our fault yeah.
its ahemahem who has a problem.

other than that, 201 has done a greatgreatgreat job with the Leadership Project we had to do.
(even though we thought it was due friday but its actually due monday)

see, 01?
we ROCK.
we can do it (if we want, that is).

so to everyone out there, related to 201 or not,


on a lighter point,
please do your class duties ok?
the roster's up on the notice board {ty RICHARD}

Yu En
Jing Fu
Wei Jin

Ke Xuan
Hui Lin
Kang Ming

Hui Ning
Jia Sheng

Ling Yan
Yu Xuan

Xin Ru

oh, and one more thing.
is the Wristband thing still on?
if no supplier will there be a tshirt or something else?

&&, class outing for MARCH HOLIDAYS?
plan early, so that more people can make time for it (and not last minute plans, again.)



Happy Lunar New Year and Valentine's!!!
Sunday, February 14, 2010 @ 11:33 AM

Hey 01, during this new year, I would like to dish out some compliments:

  1. To the guys, thank you for trying to bond more with the class and being more enthu!!!! U guys have really improve from last year, so yeah, keep up the good work!!!
  2. To Xin Ru, Yu Xuan and Ke Xuan, thank you for being super helpful towards the class spirit and bonding!!! U guys affect everyone with your endless bounds of energy!!!
  3. To Ling Yan and her clique, U guys help to liven up the atmosphere in class, especially during lessons that everyone is falling asleep in!!! Because of u guys, we won't feel that sleepy in ahem ahem lesson!!!!
  4. To Pearlyn, Wenyu, Yu En, Carissa, Hui Ning, Anushka, Trisha, thank you for trying to bond with the guys and being responsible reps!!! And the best thing is you guys are weird!!!!
  5. Last but definitely not least, YUN XI helped out with the lantern making!!!!! That heart-shaped lantern was seriously nice! <3
So, 01, have a super delicious New Year but don't forget to do homework hor!!! Paiseh lah, if I don't remind u guys, I will feel super guilty!!!!


Saturday, February 13, 2010 @ 11:00 PM

HI 01, it is exactly 1 hour to Chinese New Year and V'day :)


Friday, February 12, 2010 @ 7:18 PM

Hi 01,
Hope u guys enjoyed yourself today and especially the chocolates given by the class committee with <3
Dun worry we didn't use the class fund. The class committee bought them willingly :D


classposts; C.HERYL
Sunday, January 24, 2010 @ 12:07 AM


its cheryl again. :)
second week of boarding is over. :)

class elections are over too.

Chairman: Hui Lin
Vice Chairman: Yu Xuan
Treasurer: Ke Xuan
Secretary: Xin Ru
House Affliate: Alden
Welfare: Carissa
CIP rep: Hui Lin
LA rep: Wenyu
IS rep: Pearlyn
Maths rep: Hui Ning
HCL rep: Kang Ming
IT rep: Cheryl
Cleaning rep: Richard
E&D rep: Anushka
PE rep: Yun Xi
TK rep: Jia Sheng
NE rep: Trisha
IH rep: Yu En


p.s.} LINGYAN! i can edit HTML codes but i don't know how to create them from scratch. :)


A new start.
Saturday, January 23, 2010 @ 6:22 PM


I'm finally done with the blogskin.

& technically, IT rep should take charge of this.
Since you have the name of it.
Anyway, I didn't create a new blogskin.
Just edited from other random ones.
So it's quite easy okayy CHERYL ONG?


Till there. TATA.

I still miss Wanni!
& can the 01er game stop? UGH.

Tribute to Wanni
Wednesday, January 20, 2010 @ 11:30 PM

heyy 01!




we'll all miss her, yeah?


cry people, cry.

yeah. i'ma sad.

so should everyone

cos now our class is left with 22 pax/

read my blog for info, yeah? (:


anyway, we must get together with wanni again.

everyone, including the guys.

then must take loads ofphotos.

& must have loadsss of fun!:)

yeah :)




112nd post; CHERYL!
Saturday, January 16, 2010 @ 5:58 PM

its cheryl again.
hope everyone came out of the first week of boarding alive, eh?
btw, 01-er [i know who you are, but lets just call you by what you call yourself], alden did cheer for 203. i was sitting directly in front of him. ask any guy/ madeline/ lingyan yourself if you wanna hear someone say it other than me.

This year, 201 gotta strive hard!
yesh, we gotta work harder for both academics and other crap, yeah?

forever loving 201,

p.s.} i don't even know why i posted this random post. (:


cultural mapping; CHERYL
Wednesday, January 13, 2010 @ 6:00 PM

heyy 01!


teehee, i'ma little late, but nevermind. (:
hope everyone survives boarding, yeah.

anyway, just wanna say WELL DONE to all of you guys.
for the cultural mapping thing.
even though we didn't really cheer each other on [eg, alden was cheering for 103], we still WON!

CONGRATS to: JingFu, WeiJin, YunXi, Wanni, Trisha, YuEn, Wenyu, Pearlyn, KangMing & Alden.

we got 9/10, mistake made by YunXi. but, hey, that question was noob, yeah?

we even did better than 106 [which cheated, as we all know].

YAY oh-one!
we're not hopeless!

cheers people,


Friday, January 8, 2010 @ 10:47 PM

Just a reminder again, pls bring ur working thermometers as tues got temperature taking. Also ur locker keys if u didn't pass it to mr sim on last day of sch. I think some of u didn't clear ur lockers so pls do so. And our classroom will be TA21.
Well, hope u guys are looking forward to boarding on sunday


JH201 Class BBQ:)
@ 10:30 AM

Class outing pics:)
Actually only the BBQ part.
I don't think the pics are very good. Sorry.
I suck at photography.

Finally done:)
Will post on Facebook later.
In the afternoon:)


Class JH201 of National Junior College.
Mr Sim is our teacher!
Ke Xuan is our class chairperson!
Alden is our vice-chairperson and house affiliate!
Although our class is taken over by girls, we are still very bonded okay? :) (hope)
That's all for now, bye! :)


Anushka, the responsible 29th Dec
Yun Xi, the mushroom-head 17th July
Pearlyn, the serious 9th Oct
Madeline, the lame 1st Feb
Xin Ru, the hyperactive 19th July
Yu En, the bookworm 21st May
Ke Xuan, the crazy 10th Jan
Carissa, the Aaron lover 18th Mar
Ling Yan, the Pink lover 6th Aug
Wan Ni, the quiet 6th Oct Come back soon!
Cheryl, the random11th June
Wenyu, the sarcastic 28 Sep
Hui Lin, the clever 13th Apr
Hui Ning, the hardworking 3rd Oct
Yu Xuan, the food lover 29th Aug
Trisha, the runner 29th May
Jing Fu, the sprinter 2nd Apr
Alden, the Udon 20th Dec
Jia Sheng, the Thomas 3rd Nov
Shawn, the sensitive 13th May
Richard, the MUSHROOM 1st May
Wei Jin, the cute! 8th Jan
Kang Ming, the kiasu 9th Jan

Mr Sim , the Fluffball 5th Jan



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